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A voice for the construction industry to help build an innovative future.

The Construction Life

The Construction Life podcast, featuring Manny, Mike, and Carlito (and some special guest appearances!) will shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of construction. Be forewarned - we may ruffle a few feathers. Stay tuned!

Respect the Trade

Respecting the trade is all about understanding that what you do today has a ripple effect on what the next trade has to do tomorrow. Respect them and respect the job site - it makes life easier for everyone.

New Builds

New builds aren’t just new houses – they’re full of new projects, new ideas, new challenges, and new technologies. This is what gets us excited. There will always be another build - and we’ll share it with you!


Manny will share tips, tricks, and techniques he’s learned over the years. Every project starts with a hardcore reno!

Manny’s Toolbox

Between his toolbox, truck, home, and job sites, Manny has a lot to keep organized. He’ll tell you how he does it!

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About Hardcore Renos

Hardcore Renos was started by Manny Neves, contractor extraordinaire.

Manny loves all things construction - from planning, to demo, to putting it all back together. But what he's truly passionate about is the innovation behind building; the creative freedom you have with a blank slate. As Manny gained experience in the construction industry, he started paying attention to the tips and tricks each trade used, and how they help make the builds both efficient and innovative. And now, Manny wants to share what he's learned with you!